Simply Fortran Package Server

What is the SF Package Manager?

The SF Package Manager is a desktop program that allows for the installation of development libraries. To perform this task, it communicates directly with the SF Package Server to request current lists of packages and the packages themselves.

What are the system requirements?

The desktop client for the package manager requires Windows 7 or higher. On Windows XP and Vista, the user may have to install the Visual C++ Redistributable Package from Microsoft for the desktop client to operate.

How does the Package Manager relate to Simply Fortran?

The SF Package Manager is a companion product to Simply Fortran. The packages installed via the manager are available for use when compiling software via Simply Fortran. Some packages will also include example projects that will show up in the list of new project types from within Simply Fortran, making it easy to get started with a particular package.

How much does the SF Package Manager cost?

In order to install and manage packages via the manager, the user must have an account with the server. The current price is outlined here, and the pricing is for an annual period starting the day you purchase the account. There are no other costs associated with using the manager except, perhaps, registering Simply Fortran to take full advantage of the integrated development environment.

Where are the packages located on my computer?

After installing any given package, its files will be stored in a local folder on your machine. This folder is normally the user's local AppData folder. The easiest way to navigate to the folder containing the packages is to click the button labeled Open Managed Files in the Package Manager.

How can I use <insert given library> in my Simply Fortran project?

Simply Fortran is already aware of the packages installed via the Package Manager. This effectively means the Simply Fortran knows to search the proper directories for modules, includes, and libraries when compiling. To include a specified library, the easiest method is to add the proper

-l<library name>

flags to the Linker Flags under Simply Fortran's Project Options window.

Many packages include example or empty projects that are already configured to use their respective libraries. It is often helpful to either start with the example project and build on that basis or, alternatively, copy the compiler flags from the example project into your own project.

How can I request a new package or an updated package?

Requests can be posted at the Approximatrix Forums. There is no garauntee that the package will be made available, however.

How can I request help with a package?

Approximatrix does attempt to confirm packages are fully functional before posting to the server. However, Apprxoximatrix, LLC does not provide explicit, formal support for any of the packages unless otherwise noted. For assistance with packages, users are encouraged to post questions or tips to the Approximatrix Forums.

Where can I request support for the Manager itself?

User can request support either directly by emailing or by posting questions on the Approximatrix Forums.

Why does the Package Manager keep reporting "Login failed?"

Within the Package Manager, click Settings... and make sure your username (normally your email adress) and password are correct. If you cannot remember your password, you may click Change/Lost Password... to request a password reset. You should receive an email relatively quickly with your new password. If you continue to experience problems, please contact