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Expokit provides a set of routines aimed at computing matrix exponentials. More precisely, it computes either a small matrix exponential in full, the action of a large sparse matrix exponential on an operand vector, or the solution of a system of linear ODEs with constant inhomogeneity. The backbone of the sparse routines consists of Krylov subspace projection methods (Arnoldi and Lanczos processes) and that is why the toolkit is capable of coping with sparse matrices of large dimension. The software handles real and complex matrices and provides specific routines for symmetric and Hermitian matrices. The computation of matrix exponentials is a numerical issue of critical importance in the area of Markov chains and furthermore, the computed solution is subject to probabilistic constraints. In addition to addressing general matrix exponentials, a distinct attention is assigned to the computation of transient states of Markov chains. (All quoted from

This package contains a Simply Fortran example project.

Version: 20130628
License: Expokit

x86 x64

matrix exponential sparse



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