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ORDERPACK provides routines to perform sorts or ranks full or small proportions of an array (partial ordering). Such partial ranking routines have applications in statistics for rapidly computing extreme order statistics, finding nearest neighbors, and other clustering operations. In addition, ORDERPACK includes unique ranking routines allow users to isolate individual cases out of a mass of discrete data. Also, ORDERPACK contains a partial unique ranking routine, useful in finding a limited number of unique values in an array. As an added bonus ORDERPACK provides an unusual routine which allows user controllable partial random permutation of arrays. ORDERPACK contains conventional or unconditional sorting routines as well. (Adapted from the home page)

The routines are well documented on the home page. This distribution wraps each major routine in a module of the same name preceded by a "m_" prefix. For example, the partial ranking subroutine "rnkpar" is found in the module "m_rnkpar."

This package contains a Simply Fortran example project.

Version: 2.0-3
License: None

x86 x64

ranking sorting



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