Simply Fortran Package Server Standard Library

The goal of this project is to provide a community driven and agreed upon de facto "standard" library for Fortran, called a Fortran Standard Library (stdlib). We have a rigorous process how stdlib is developed as documented in our Workflow. stdlib is both a specification and a reference implementation. We are cooperating with the Fortran Standards Committee (e.g., the effort started at the J3 committee repository) and the plan is to continue working with the Committee in the future (such as in the step 5. in the Workflow document), so that if the Committee wants to standardize some feature already available in stdlib, it would base it on stdlib's implementation.

This distribution omits support for moment calculations from the stats module due to compilation issues.

An empty Simply Fortran project is included with this package.

Version: 20200908
License: Fortran-lang stdlib MIT License

x86 x64

statistics matrix sparse utilities random numbers optimization



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