Simply Fortran Package Server Package Manager

The Package Manager (fpm) is a package manager and build system for Fortran. Its key goal is to improve the user experience of Fortran programmers. It does so by making it easier to build your Fortran program or library, run the executables, tests, and examples, and distribute it as a dependency to other Fortran projects. Fpm's user interface is modeled after Rust's Cargo, so if you're familiar with that tool, you will feel at home with fpm. Fpm's long term vision is to nurture and grow the ecosystem of modern Fortran applications and libraries.

This archive contains an executable that is tailored for use with Simply Fortran on Windows. Specifically, it will default to building 64-bit code, but should successfully build 32-bit code if 32-bit Windows is detected.

The binary will, by default, store installed packages in the following directory:


This location differs slightly from the default configuration for fpm.

Version: 20220218
License: Fortran-lang stdlib MIT License


tools build system



To install packages, please use a suitable client.